Taking the GED

iStock 000011518510Small11 Taking the GEDThe General Educational Development (GED) test is comprised of a set of five modules of subject-based tests. Taking the GED successfully results in you receiving your certificate that is considered to be the equivalent of a high school education. If you did not complete high school, completing the GED exam can be crucial to your future job success so you will want to know where to take the examination and how obtain quality practice test questions and a top quality GED study guide in order to prepare properly.


Where do I Take the GED Exam and What is the Fee for Taking the Test?


Taking the GED test is administered by the GED Testing Service, a joint program of the American Council on Education and Pearson, the company that originally developed the GED questions and answers. The name GED is trademarked by the American Council on Education. Exams are available in English, Spanish, French and formats to accommodate the visually and hearing handicapped, allowing anyone who did not completely high school to have access to this important high school equivalency exam.


After preparing to by using example test questions and answers, one can register for the GED test to be given at one of the many GED Testing Centers. Most often the GED exam is administered at an adult education center, local community college, university or a public school. There is usually a fee for taking the test but this fee varies based on the state in which the test will be taken, although some states do allow students to sit for the exam at no cost. To learn the cost of the exam administration in your location, contact the nearest official GED Testing Center.


Learn the exact address of your testing location well in advance and make any transportation arrangements necessary. Plan to be at the test site early or on time at the latest because you will not be permitted into the testing area if you arrive late for your GED examination.


What to Bring to the GED Exam


When taking the GED, expect the GED Testing Center to have strict security measures in place which must be followed to the letter. Learn what you may take into the test administration area before the day of the test so that you can be properly prepared. Normally, test takers can only bring sharpened pencils into the room with them and a normal sized handbag, but expect to see any handicapped individuals sitting for the test to be permitted different items to be brought into the test, specifically those required to accommodate their handicap.


What About Breaks During the GED Exam?


Because the GED exam test questions are divided into fix section, most GED administration centers will provide short break periods between some sections. The exam is quite long and a refreshing break can really help. Before passing out the test questions and answre sheets, the test administrator will go over the specific rules such as what to do if you must leave the exam room for an emergency bathroom break or other critical reason. Should you find you must exit the test other than during a normal break period, be certain to follow the process explained by the administrator of the GED test.

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 Taking the GED

 Taking the GED

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